Internship Requirements

All Information Studies students must complete an internship as part of the degree requirements. Students are encouraged to find their own internships, though guidance is offered through their advisers and the department. Ideally, students will complete the LIS 4663 Capstone course the semester before their internship. During this course, students will begin to research the internship requirements and finalize their plans for an internship site and supervisor.



Course Description:

Provides an opportunity for student synthesis of principles and theories acquired in coursework and application of these principles and theories in a working environment. Under professional supervision, the student will complete 135 hours emphasizing general understanding of the specific assignment and completion of a focused project.


LIS 4063, LIS 4633, and LIS 4663 (4663 must be completed with a grade of B or better), or permission of instructor and adviser.


  • To give the student an opportunity to apply the principles and theories of library and information studies in a working environment
  • To enable the student to supplement knowledge in his/her area of specialization through hands-on experience in an information center
  • To provide a liaison between the School of Library and Information Studies and the state's information center community
  • To give the student experience in evaluating a particular job situation


Semester prior to beginning the Internship:

  • Student reminds his/her adviser that he/she is planning to enroll in the internship course the next semester.
  • Adviser determines if student is eligible to enroll in LIS 4823.
  • Adviser identifies and solicits Supervising Faculty member.
  • Supervising Faculty member initiates contact with the proposed institution.
  • Supervising Faculty member provides Placement Supervisor with internship packet.
  • Placement Supervisor provides Supervising Faculty member with a current resume.
  • Student and Placement Supervisor develop objectives, activities, and work schedule.
  • Internship contract and University of Oklahoma Practicum/ Internship Memorandum of Understanding are completed and filed in SLIS Office prior to beginning of internship.

Semester of Internship:

  • Supervising Faculty member arranges for at least one on-site visit.
  • Placement Supervisor provides feedback on performance to the Intern and the Supervising Faculty member.

Immediately upon completion of Internship:

  • Student provides Supervising Faculty member with evaluation of experience.
  • Placement Supervisor completes Placement Supervisor Evaluation and sends to Supervising Faculty member.
  • Supervising Faculty member assigns final grade for Internship and notifies the SLIS Office.
  • Supervising Faculty files all appropriate paperwork in the SLIS Office (Contract, Memo of Understanding, Evaluation of Student, Placement Supervisor’s Evaluation, Faculty Supervisor Evaluation).

Internship Documents

Form Name 
LIS 4823 Internship
Policies, Procedures & Timeline
Memorandum of Understanding
Student Acknowledgement and Release
Student/Faculty Contract
Student Evaluation
Placement Supervisor Evaluation
Faculty Supervisor Evaluation