Degree Requirements

The BAIS degree requires completion of a total of 120 semester hours of course work. This degree requires a minimum of 54 degree specific semester hours, including:

  • 18 required Information Studies core course hours
  • 21 Major Requirement hours
  • 15 hours of Major Support requirements

Students must also complete the Arts and Sciences General Education requirements. Courses are drawn from several existing programs, including the School of Library and Information Studies, the Department of Communication, the Department of Economics, the Department of English, the Department of Mathematics, and the Department of Psychology.

Degree Requirements 

Degree courses are divided into the following:

  • Core Courses
  • Major requirements
  • Major Support requirements
  • General University and College of Arts and Sciences requirements
  • Free Electives

University and College General Requirements:

Students must also complete the requirements set by the University and College of Arts and Sciences to bring the total number of class hours to 120, including 48 hours of upper division credit.

Admission of Undergraduates to Graduate Courses: 

Any senior undergraduate student may enroll in graduate courses offered by the school with the instructor’s permission. If the courses meet the conditions established by the Graduate College for graduate credit, they may be accepted as degree credits in the School of Library and Information Studies. The same course can not be counted toward both undergraduate and graduate requirements.