BAIS Advising

Deciding on a Major

The University of Oklahoma has many resources available to help students choose a major. These include the Major/Minor fair, "Major Exploration Coaches," assessment tests, and two University College courses: UCOL 1030 Exploring Careers and UCOL 2021 Choosing a Major. Read more about these resources here

Choosing the Bachelor's in Information Studies

If changing majors from University College, students must have a minimum of 24 credit hours of coursework completed.  In order to apply to the College of Arts and Sciences, students must meet and maintain the minimum grade point average of 2.0 or higher in order to be considered. 

After these minimum requirements have been met, students must complete the major request form (see the College advising counselors to help you obtain the form). Check the field labeled “I am declaring a major in:” and fill out the field adjacent as “Information Studies, Code: B560", or "Code B561" for the online degree." This form must be submitted to Ellison Hall, Room 124, or it may be faxed to 325-7429.

After submitting the form, a College of Arts and Sciences counselor will approve any changes to the student’s major. The College of Arts and Sciences will inform Enrollment Services (Buchanan Hall, Room 230) and the School of Library and Information Studies of the student's change of major.

When a student’s major has been changed, the only place that a student will see this change is through oZone.  Students must log into the oZone system in order to view their current major and classification.  After logging in, click on the “Academics” tab to view the Academic Profile channel, which displays Class Standing, current degree, college, and major.

Advising for Enrollment

Students need to get advised each semester prior to enrolling for the next term. Before advising, students should create a draft schedule for the next semseter using the Pre-Advising Worksheet.

Information Studies majors should make an appointment with BAIS advisor, Sarah Connelly, through iAdvise at to discuss enrollment for the next semester. It is important to get advised and enroll early before the classes fill up. 

Find out when the registration window opens by checking the university's Academic Calendar.