Additional Program Information

Program informational documents:

Specialized Tracks:

Program Planning Guides (in .PDF format) have been developed for specific specialist areas within the library and information studies field including:

Specialist Option—Health Sciences Librarianship

Medical, hospital, social science agencies, and other health-related agencies need information specialists educated in health sciences librarianship. The School of Library and Information Studies offers the following courses to students interested in pursuing a career in this area:

  • LIS 5133, Biomedical Bibliography and Reference Materials
  • LIS 5163, Biomedical Data Bases
  • LIS 5823, Internship in Library/Information Centers

The courses are held at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. Students should discuss a full program in this area with their advisers.

Dual Degree Programs

In its quest to provide alternative educational opportunities for students wishing to specialize in a variety of areas, the School of Library and Information Studies has developed a number of specialized programs. In addition, the Generic Dual Master’s degree program is available for students who wish to earn dual master’s degrees not specified by the School.

Master of Library and Information Studies (MLIS)/Master of Arts (History of Science)

The School of Library and Information Studies and the Department of History of Science offer a dual degree program for their two fields. Students apply and are accepted by each department. Dual degree students work with a joint advising committee made up of faculty from both units. The requirements for the master’s degree in each department must be met.

Generic Dual Master's Degree

This option allows a graduate student at the University of Oklahoma the option of seeking dual master's degrees in any two areas of his/her choosing. In order to pursue the generic dual master’s degree, the student must be admitted to both programs before 12 credit hours of program work is completed in either program. Once admitted to both programs, the student will be admitted into the Generic Dual Master’s Degree Program. Further details are available in University bulletins and from the individual departments.